Congratulations on your new puppy or doggie


You have chosen your new puppy or doggie with love, and their arrival will be a special and memorable day, this marks a new chapter in your lives, with many years of happiness ahead.

All doggies will have their own history and it is important that you understand the routine, feeding and care your new pet has become accustomed to from the breeder or rescue centre they came from.

It is important to remember that your home will be a totally new and unfamiliar environment.


Preparing for their arrival - a safer home

You may not realise but there are many dangers lurking inside your home,
overlooking these can jeopardise your doggies safety.

Changing your habits and certain arrangements will help protect your doggie from possible household accidents, just as you would for a child.

Check if there are any exposed electrical cords that can be chewed. Place shoes inside your closets and move prized possessions where they cant be reached.

is there any where your doggie could get stuck, or may fall from?
Perhaps ask your vet for advice about common household hazards.  
By 'dog proofing' now you can help avoid a lot of heartache later.

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